Compass Concierge

Let us help you with selling your home.

What could Compass
Concierge do for your home?

Exclusive to Compass, our Concierge program helps you easily prepare your home for sale by fronting the cost of home improvement services, so you can sell it faster and for more money.

Whether you’re facing basic wear-and-tear or your home requires more significant upgrades, Concierge has the power to transform a property — and the price it can claim.

Just take a look at the incredible results below -
$45,000 in remodeling cost - interior and exterior paint, new front door, new garage doors, new wood floors throughout, new interior trim, kitchen backsplash, new appliances, updated light fixtures, landscaping.

Value prior to remodel - $350,000
Listing price - $477,900

NEW VALUE - $503,500



Wondering what services Compass Concierge covers?

​​​​​​​Strategic staging | Fresh paint | Updated HVAC | Plumbing | Landscaping | Cosmetic renovations | Moving + storage | Roofing repair | Upgraded electric | Decluttering | Structural fencing | And more!

Funds will be due when your home sells, your listing agreement expires, or 12 months pass from the date of your participation in the program.