How We Give Thanks: Ellevé’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes, Recommendations, Traditions and More!

Thanksgiving is soon upon us! Whether it’s enjoying passed-down family recipes, going on a Turkey Trot, gathering around the TV to watch football, Black Friday shopping or trying out something new and different this year, we all have our own traditions and Thanksgiving plans that make this holiday so special! If you're looking for some Turkey day inspiration or are curious how the Ellevé team is spending this holiday — from our top food picks to local recommendations and what we are thankful for this year — then keep reading below as we share our Thanksgiving favorites and traditions!

Q. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish(es)?

Lauren LeBlanc (Broker/Owner): “Cranberry sauce and turkey.”

Oksana Belov (Leading Realtor): “Oyster Dressing.”

Mylie Arich (Realtor): “My favorite Thanksgiving dish is dressing made with a mix of sourdough bread, cornbread and lots and lots of fresh parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.” 

Stephanie Hopkins (Realtor): "Seven layer salad - it was my grandmother's recipe and a family favorite."

Brandon Lingold (Operations Director): “I love Collard greens. Growing up in the South, Collards were always served at holiday dinners. These days I like to serve a modified version-Creamed Collard greens. They can be made in Keto and Vegetarian versions so it's a versatile dish! You can check out a great recipe for it here. 

Vivian Roussel (Client Care Director): "It's not a traditional food, but in New Orleans my dad makes stuffed mirliton. I don't have a specific recipe since we kind of wing it every year, but this recipe here is the gist.

Britni Petersen (Marketing/Content Director): "My favorite Thanksgiving dish is a corn flake potato casserole that has been passed down from my Dad's side of the family! It's the most requested and anticipated dish each year, and let's just say whenever we've gone somewhere with this one, the pan always come back completely empty. The funny thing is, it's a super simple dish, nothing complicated and yet it's still a real crowd pleaser. There's a lot of butter though, so maybe that's what makes it so good? Either way, I actually found a pretty similar recipe for it online here.

Q. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

Lauren LeBlanc: “Our tradition is mostly just hanging out with family all day with football on in the background.”

Oksana Belov: “I always get my Xmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, and I never set foot in a retail store on Black Friday! :)”

Mylie Alrich: “For the past several years I have gone camping and I have loved the simplicity!” 

Stephanie Hopkins: "I'm trying to think but I don't think we do, I just like to fill people with delicious food and drinks so that's generally my goal."

Brandon Lingold: “I really enjoy hosting and spending all day cooking and preparing for our guests. Growing up my mother always hosted a Thanksgiving lunch. All of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would be around. It was a great time to catch up with family and friends.” 

Vivian Roussel: “Mmm besides eating a ton, not really... We usually get the whole family together, but during the pandemic that hasn't happened. TBD on this year!”

Britni Petersen: “Like many others, we usually watch the parade and/or football. But, something different for us is that we also use this day to draw names for my family's Christmas Secret Santa exchange. It's always good timing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping!"

Q. What are you most thankful for this year?

Lauren LeBlanc: “My husband and our kids!”

Oksana Belov: “Being able to visit my family a few months ago in Russia after 18 years.”

Mylie Alrich: “This year I am most thankful for resiliency as the past couple of years have been full of change!”

Stephanie Hopkins: "I'm thankful for Austin, the opportunity to live in our dream home in our dream city and start to see family again. :)"

Brandon Lingold: “My amazing partner, Austin Roth! He is an old soul and I find myself learning from him often!”
Vivian Roussel: “I'm most thankful for the people in my life. I feel like I knew it before, but after moving to a new city, I was really able to experience the strong support system that I have and I'm so grateful for them all.”
Britni Petersen: "I'm thankful for my sweet family, friends and good health (especially with these past pandemic years) and also, I'm particularly thankful this year for being able to relocate and move to Austin! I love being an Austinite."

Q. What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

Lauren LeBlanc: “My favorite part about Thanksgiving is spending quality time with family and sharing what we’re all grateful for.”

Oksana Belov: “My favorite part is that it's is a prelude to Christmas!”

Mylie Alrich: “I love the hustle and bustle of creating a feast to share!”

Stephanie Hopkins: "The food and the family!"

Brandon Lingold: “My favorite is the cooler weather and time with loved ones.”

Vivian Roussel: “Telling the people that I care about that I'm thankful for them. I realize it shouldn't just be one day that you tell people this, but it's nice to have a specific time where you can let people know that you're grateful to have them in your life.”

Britni Petersen: “My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the food, of course, and getting to cook/bake with one another! I also just simply enjoy being around my family during this time — lots of great chats, laughs, memories and an overall feeling of togetherness.” 

Q. Pie showdown: What pie reigns supreme?

Lauren LeBlanc: “Dutch apple is my favorite, but with chocolate bourbon pecan as the runner up!”

Oksana Belov: “Apple… a la mode of course. :)”

Mylie Alrich: “Overall? Key Lime Pie. In the Thanksgiving theme, apple cranberry, followed by pumpkin pie.”

Stephanie Hopkins: "Salted caramel apple."

Brandon Lingold: “Pumpkin!”

Vivian Roussel: “I’m actually not much of a pie person, but if I had to choose it would be key lime, which isn't even a Thanksgiving pie haha. Or maybe a chocolate pie?” 

Britni Petersen: “Pecan pie with Blue Bell's homemade vanilla ice cream (a Texas staple)! Yum!”

Q. Any local holiday restaurant/takeout recommendations for those not wanting to cook this Thanksgiving?

Lauren LeBlanc: “I think Central Market is great, and if i had to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving, it would be Jeffrey’s.

Oksana Belov: “BBQ turkey from Rudy's or a Thanksgiving meal from Fresa’s.”

Mylie Alrich: “Dai Due, and Fresa’s

Stephanie Hopkins: "I'm ordering from LUX Boards ATX just to have a little 'I don't have to cook' charcuterie!"

Brandon Lingold: “Whole Foods usually has a beautiful and delicious assortment of prepared holiday food and treats. I love to shop local, but remember, Whole Foods was born in Austin!”

Vivian Roussel: "Sadly, none for here in you can imagine, since I’m new!"

Britni Petersen: “I haven't been here too long, but I would say if you are looking for pastry-type items, I highly recommend checking out Swedish Hill Bakery. But also, if you want to try something different and do a festive charcuterie board situation, I absolutely recommend Antonelli's Cheese Shop! I know they offer special Thanksgiving cheese boards, but honestly, any cheese board from them is incredible and would be great for the holiday.”


If you're looking for other recommendations for local restaurants offering up delicious Thanksgiving meals or dishes, we love this great and thorough list here from Austin Eater!

































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